INTEGRAL SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the national market of industrial safety, personal protection and everything related to improving the well-being of human talent of companies in the region.

Our mission

Contribute to the safe updating of the industry, contributing our knowledge, advice, supply and maintenance, complying with the normative standards of quality. Generate innovation in processes and services related to our clients, provide integral solutions that generate added value for them and for our strategic allies.

Our vision

To be recognized in 2021 by our clients and strategic allies as the best company of services and integral solutions in the area of health and industrial safety. To be recognized by our employees as the best company in the region and the best sector to be employed.

Quality Politics

-We are committed to high quality standards.

-Mitigate the risks that involve the health and physical well-being of the company's human talent.

-We have the support and technical support of our suppliers for our customers.

-Commitment permanently with our clients in the training and updating in the processes of improvement in the quality of work and welfare of the worker.

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